The HWA-era Tape Library

The following is a listing of audio tapes that are available for immediate downloading in Real Media format. You will need to have a compatible media program installed that will be able to play Real Media files. If you do not already have a compatible program installed, you can download the free Real Media player from the Real Media website.

Each file is contained in a ZIP file format to minimize errors during downloading. Most users probably already have a program able to un-ZIP these files, but in the event you do not already have a compatible program capable of un-zipping these files, you can download a free copy of WINZIP from While this is an additional step in order to listen to these files, this additional step allows more people to download these files at the same time.

The text after the name of each tape are the first several sentences of the tape. This has proven to be the only viable method to identify each individual message from another since so many tapes in general circulation in the Church have different titles and dates.

Please note that the quality of the recordings varies a great deal from tape to tape. Most of these tapes were recorded or copied with consumer-grade recording equipment and consumer-grade cassette tapes. The actual tapes available to make these RealMedia versions may have been copies of copies of a copy (etc).

We will attempt to add additional files to this section of the website each week, so check back frequently.


(Each tape is saved at the rate of 8.5 kps and is about 1.8mb in size.)

"Thank God there is good news coming because the news today is not good. So what is going to happen? Back now to prophecy. What does your Bible prophecy say is going to happen in the future?" OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 2
"I tell you my friends that it is a good thing that there is good news for the world tomorrow because its very bad news for the world today. Not only bad news that is already happened that is now news recorded as history within the last 24 hours, but the news of the remainder of this world is very, very bad." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 3
"The news today is not good and I want to tell you my friends, America, today, is face to face with a national calamity that our people little dream about. We're exactly at the crossroads -- we're at a place where something is brewing that is going to happen to the United States that's prophecied and its absolutely sure -- and our people are dead asleep. It's going to affect you, it's going to affect your town, it's going to affect your home. You had better listen." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 4
"Now what's going to lead up that wonderful world tomorrow? Because world peace is coming -- but it isn't coming immediately. Instead it's going just the other way! Mankind is bringing down on its head nothing but annihilation and destruction." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 5
"Did you notice the newspaper this morning? Well I did. And the news is not good and that's the way it is. And there is no peace in this world now and this world is going to go through alot of troubles in the next few years." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 6
"There is tremendous meaning back of what's going on in the world today. Because there is a purpose being worked out here below and God Almighty is doing the working out. These events aren't just happening, these events are not meaningless." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 7
"And now my friends, let's get prophecy straigthened out. What is going to happen next? Where are we now in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy? What is going to lead down to the World Tomorrow -- the Second Coming of Christ? What about Armageddon? When does that come? Is Russia going to attack? Is Russia going to plunge us into World War III? And if so, when and where shall she attack? It's all in the Bible. The war that Russia is going to plunge the world into is prophesied, but where will she strike? When is it going to happen? What will happen first? What about this rapture theory? What about the Second Coming of Christ? What about the Great Tribulation? What happens just before? What happens just after?" OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 8
"Continuing now with vital, dynamic prophecy! What's prophesied to happen to the United States? It's the biggest subject of prophecy -- and one-third of all your Bible is prophecy. This is the one most vital factor in the topsy-turvy world conditions of today." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 9
"What about the end of the world? We've been hearing a lot about it? What about Armageddon? Is there going to be an Armageddon? Is the world coming to an end? Well, yes it is my friends, and very soon when you understand what is meant by those terms." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 10
"Again, now, continuing. What's going to happen to the United States? Well, let's continue right on now where we were in the preceding program in that amazing, that vital prophecy about the United States, about our future -- what's going to happen to us." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 11
"Now, once again, continuing. What's going to happen to the United States? What is prophesied? Let's continue right on now in that amazing, that vital prophecy about the United States and our future." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 12
"There is good news in store, not only for you, but for our people and our nation after we've learned some very, very serious lessons. But in the meantime, we are living in a very upset world. And we here in the United States are going the way of ancient Rome. We are plunging on down to our doom unless we learn some lessons and turn from our present course." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 13
"My friends, while we are looking for good news tomorrow, we are in a very troubled world now. We've been going into prophecy -- what is prophesied. Now what's prophesied to happen to Russia? Where does Russia fit into biblical prophecy?" OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 14
"Now, once again, what is prophesied to happen, not only to the United States, but to Russia? Where does Russia enter into prophecy?" OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 15
"We can know the world tomorrow. We can know what's going to happen because God alone knows, no man knows, no man can tell anything about the future. But God and God alone -- that's a proof of God -- knows what is going to happen and He has revealed it and a third of your Bible approximately is prophecy and about 90% of that applies to the present time in which you live and events that are going to happen in the very next few years in your very life time." OUTLINE OF PROPHECY--Tape 16
"My friends, do you understand why we can know the world tomorrow? We can know the future, we can know what's going to happen."

HISTORY OF THE TRUE CHURCH--Tape 1 "What's wrong with the world today? It seems that everything's wrong with it but do you know why? Why is it in this world in which we live, this upset, chaotic war-fearing world -- why is it that the churches are not proving to be the stabilizing influence that could save this world? Why is it that the churches are lacking in power? What's wrong? The thing's that wrong is that the churches have not had the true medicine to save this world." HISTORY OF THE TRUE CHURCH--Tape 2
"Friends, there is abroad in this world some kind of a conception and an idea about God and about Christianity that if you'll just stop to be just a little bit rational about it and look it in the face -- if you'll use a little bit of reason -- this concept that is abroad reduces God to something rather ridiculous. He is a total failure and so is Christ according to that idea. Has Christ failed? Did God fail? Well here now is the actual history -- here's exactly what happened to the Church." HISTORY OF THE TRUE CHURCH--Tape 3
"Where did the very church go which Jesus Christ said He would build? Men have searched history for a large, popular, growing, visible, politically organized body in endeavoring to compile the history of the church. So if you go to libraries and you obtain church history, that's what you'll find. That is what historians have recorded. Now in the actual history of the first two centuries of the professing church we saw it was divided into many different sects, many denominations. In one division, the gnostics alone, there were more than fifty divisions -- fifty different sects. So now lets look into the history of the True Church." HISTORY OF THE TRUE CHURCH--Tape 4
"Now we're continuing. Where did the True Church go? Where is it? And why is it my friends we find people today, coming up in what we believe is a Christian world, coming to believe as Christianity things exactly opposite to that which you find in the Bible?" HISTORY OF THE TRUE CHURCH--Tape 5
"What's going to happen in the world from now? Is World War III imminent -- is it being started? What is going to happen? Catastrophic events are prophesied from here on. They are going to affect you." HISTORY OF THE TRUE CHURCH--Tape 6
"So my friends, where is the True Church today? I mean the real, original church that Jesus Christ said He would build. Now He didn't say He'd build alot of churches. He didn't say He would build many differing denominations. Jesus Christ said 'I will build My Church.' Well my friends, and He built it. But what happened to it? Where did it go?"