The HWA-era Sermon Tape Library

The following is a listing of audio tapes that are available for immediate downloading in Real Media format. You will need to have a compatible media program installed that will be able to play Real Media files. If you do not already have a compatible program installed, you can download the free Real Media player from the Real Media website.

Each file is contained in a ZIP file format to minimize errors during downloading. Most users probably already have a program able to un-ZIP these files, but in the event you do not already have a compatible program capable of un-zipping these files, you can download a free copy of WINZIP from While this is an additional step in order to listen to these files, this additional step allows more people to download these files at the same time.

Please note that the quality of the recordings varies a great deal from tape to tape. Most of these tapes were recorded or copied with consumer-grade recording equipment and consumer-grade cassette tapes. The actual tapes available to make these RealMedia versions may have been copies of copies of a copy (etc).

We will attempt to add additional files to this section of the website as soon as possible, so check back frequently.


PENTECOST CHANGES by Herbert W. Armstrong, 1980-May-15 (4.5 Mb at 6.5 kps)
Mr. Armstrong reviews how he learned of the Biblical translation error that resulted in changing Pentecost from Monday to Sunday. He also discusses errors in various Bible translations and mentions the translations he feels are most accurate. CAN A NATION CHANGE ITS' SPOTS? by Gene Hogberg, 1990-Feb-20 (3.7 Mb at 6.5 kps)
This Bible study, given in Pasadena only, discusses the reunification of Germany and is favorable to the prophecy messages of Mr. Armstrong. It is believed that this was the last Bible Study Mr. Hogberg was allowed to give; that he was removed from the Bible Study speakers list as a direct result of this message. DISCERNING THE BODY OF CHRIST by Carn Catherwood, 1981-April-11 (5.3 Mb at 8.5 kps)
This is a pre-Passover preparation tape and would be very helpful to listen to pre-Passover and during the Days of Unleavened Bread. There are several gaps that are part of the only version available to us. If anyone has a more complete version, please let us know.