1. Why does the Plain Truth CD only cover the years 1934-1960 and the Good News CD 1951-1969? Will CD's be available to cover later years?

The only reason why the CD's end at those years is that the CD's are FULL. If more would have fit on the CD's, then they would have been included. All remaining issues of the Plain Truth (until they went to a subscription basis), and all remaining issues of the Good News will eventually be available as time permits.

2. Will other HWA materials be made available?

Yes, as time permits.

3. What do I need to do to order the CD's listed?

Please send your mailing address to us via email or postal mail.  Our mailing address is:


The HWA Library & Archives

P.O. Box 1323

Jamestown, TN 38556

4. How are these CD's being paid for?

These CD's are provided free of charge by those to whom God has seen fit to provide the means to do so. The HWA Library is a non-profit, non-incorporated organism composed of those who are dedicated to preserving all of the HWA-era literature available and also freely giving it to others. The Herbert W. Armstrong Library is NOT affiliated with any church organization and will provide our materials to anyone, from any church organization, and to those who may not have ever had any church of god affiliation. 

5. How can I help with the effort to preserve the historical documents of the WCG?

The greatest help could be provided by visiting the WCG Literature Swap Page to see if you may have materials that are needed. We can arrange to trade you for the item by swapping with you items from our duplicates, or we would appreciate borrowing the item to scan it and then return it to you. Eventually, everything we receive will be available to others, so any materials you are able to share with us will be shared with others who value this material.

6. Will you produce more CD's of Mr. Armstrong's radio and sermon tapes?

ABSOLUTELY, as time permits. The biggest task is to sort out the duplicates from all the tape lists. We are in the process of preparing a detailed listing of our entire tape inventory (about 500 tapes) to share with others. Eventually, all tapes will be converted to CD. This tape list will include a transcription of the first three sentences of the body of the message. This is the only feasible way we have identified so far to sort out the many different tape dates and titles.

7. The Plain Truth and Good News CD are photo-images only. Will they be converted to a searchable program like the HWA Literature CD?

YES! The process of scanning and converting documents into a searchable program is a multi-step process, and with current technology, a very time consuming process.

The first step is to scan from paper to create a photo-image. This step of the process takes a good amount of time, but is a small percentage of the total conversion process; approximately 10% of the total time.

After the photo-image is made, the next step is to convert the image using special software (OCR -- Optical Character Recognition) to a digital file. This is similar to having a person type it into a computer file using a keyboard. This portion of the total process also takes only about 10% of the total time of the entire conversion process.

After the OCR process is done, the remaining 80% of the time of this entire process is used to proof-read the final file. The OCR process is not 100% accurate, so a person needs to proof-read what the computer has created to make sure any typographical errors are corrected. We try to have each file proof-read three times, plus running it thru a spell-checker. But some typo errors may still exist, but none intentional. So if there is ever any doubt about the electronic version of the book or article, please go to the paper version to clarify the error. That is one reason the photo-images are helpful to have available -- to be able to clarify any typographical errors in the electronic text.

But the main reason we offer the photo-images at this time is that at least the raw material is available for your study today. If we waited to release the CD's until everything was converted, the amount of material now available to you would be a small portion. Given the overwhelming need to have this material available today, it was decided to release the photo-images until such time the searchable version was ready.

It is our strong desire to have everything available in a searchable program, as well as the photo-images, as our time and resources permit.

8. Are paper versions of the contents of the Church Literature, The Good News, and The Plain Truth CD's available for those without computers?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide paper versions of the contents of these CD's due to the time and resources necessary to produce them.

We truly regret not being able to help those who are unable to use these CD's directly, it is just too impractical for us to provide paper-versions at this time.

For example, The Good News CD contains approximately 3000 pages of the magazine. If 3000 pages were copied at 5 cents (US) each, it would cost about US$150. Plus it would be three packages of paper (500 sheets each, double-sided).

But the real cost is the time involved in photo-copying or printing the pages. If it took only 15 seconds to print or copy each page (and that is FAST!), that is 12.5 HOURS!

Consider, too, that The Plain Truth CD contains over 2600 pages, so it would cost almost the same amount of time and expense.

And, when future CD's are available (it may take another 10-12 CD's to finish the series), the numbers become even larger.

So we simply cannot offer this service at this time.

To assist those without computers, please consider helping others in your local area use these CD's. Consider helping train them on how to use a computer, or consider offering to print off certain issues or topics each week and bring them to Sabbath services. These opportunities to serve will help others benefit from these contents of these CD's.