The following are letters received from those who have requested the HWA CD's:



"Please send me another copy of every CD... Mine are missing and I feel lost without them." (Alabama)

"PLEASE send me all the CD's you have of Herbert W. Armstrong's work. This is a dream come true!" (Alabama)

"Fantastic! Thank you ever so much." (Alabama)


"Thank you for your countless hours of dedicated work. Please send me a copy of each CD..." (Arizona)

"... I found the Truth of God in 1980 through Mr. Armstrong. My husband and I were searching about christmas and heard Mr. Armstrong on the radio. I could not believe what I found in my bible. I have yet to see anyone teach like he did. I was looking for all the info on Mr. Armstrong that I had lost and now I can't believe that you have it on CD. I still can't believe that I found this Pearl. Thank you so much for getting this together. This is a big blessing." (Arizona)


"Thank you for the service you are offering to God's people. This material is very precious in these 'perilous times'." (Arkansas)


"I cannot believe the goldmine you are offering. Yes, please!!!! Send me all of the CDs." (California)

"Thank you ever so much for being here. Would you please send a copy of the CD's that you have available...." (California)

"God Bless you for making this wonderful information available. Would you please send a set of the CD's offered..." (California)

"We really appreciate your time consuming work to preserve God's Truth that was once delivered to us all through the man HWA whom God used in this end time....Satan wants nothing better that to totally wipe out, stamp out, utterly destroy, this very vital knowledge and truth. Thank you, for caring to do this, and for making this available to all who love His Truth and want to hold on to it for dear life..." (California)

"Finally, after the CD's have been sitting at the computer for a few hectic weeks, I finally got to look at them last Sabbath. Wow! I feel like a kid in a candy shop! My wife said, "What a wonderful work of service!" I am just blown away by how much stuff you packed onto the Key of David CD! Very impressive. Thanks again for your good work." (California)

"Hi! Please please please send me all of your CD's..thank you for providing such a wonderful service...I came into the Church after HWA died and so I love to get my hands on his material when I can..thanks again...I can't believe it's free!" (California)

"I've just been recently introduced to the literature of Herbert Armstrong by a friend. I find his work very enlightening. I was wondering if I could acquire the HWA Literature CD, The Plain Truth CD, and The World Tomorrow CD." (California)

"I was baptized into WWCG in March of 1972. It was very hard to deal with the stuff that was going on at headquarters. I would really like to have a copy of HWA's work. I have lost track of most of what I had. Thank you for restoring his work for us." (California)

"I just recently came across your site and am very interested in obtaining the CD's that you offer. Can I please have a copy of each CD? I am excited to be able to have this information as I have very few booklets and magazines left from the old days." (California)


"Seems like you're performing a very valuable service in trying to keep the truth of God alive and available. Just hope against hope that it doesn't cause (more) legal difficulties. We've been following the copyright debate with some interest....Apparently, even more interesting times may be upon us..." (Colorado)


"I am 19 years old and am approaching the first anniversary of my baptism. I want to thank you for providing this accumulated knowledge once again. The first time that it was out there I was either not born or too young to appreciate it. I am just now beginning to realize how much has been lost. Thank you for bringing it back." (Delaware)


"Many, many thanks for the CD's!! Now I can finish the Correspondence Course after so many years...." (Florida)

"I am requesting the five CD set. I have talked to a friend who has the set and finds it to be one not to be without." (Florida)

"I have followed the teachings of HWA since 1945 and became a member of WCG in 1976. In 1996 I was scratched from the membership list for failure to attend sevices. My failure to attend was the result of not being able to cope with changes in doctrine and admitting to this. I have not joined any of the splinter groups. I recently became aware of CDs containing literature produced while HWA was in charge and wish to receive all that is available. My wife and I are both 74 years old and any help of this nature would be a boon to our continued Bible study." (Florida)

"Thank you very much (for the CDs). It is nice to see that one can still obtain these writings and broadcasts." (Florida)


"I'm so glad that God has given the foresight, opportunity and resourses to capture these priceless things on CD and to make them available to us." (Hawaii)

"This is truly a dream come true, to be able to find this wonderful material already compiled. I thank you very much." (Hawaii)

"I would like to request the whole set of CDs. I want to give my children the opportunity to hear him give his clear teaching of the bible as I heard them 25 years ago. Thank you very much for making them available." (Hawaii)


"I am interested in a full set of the CDs you are offering. Thank you so very much for what you are doing. I'm sure the CDs have been a healing salve to many deep wounds." (Illinois)

"I am requesting all five CD's for a friend, per his request. Thank you very much for this service, It has been greatly helpful and needed." (Illinois)

"Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift. I really appreciate it." (Illinois)


"We received one of your flyers in the mail announcing your HWA CD program and have gone to your web site to see what you have put together. What you have done is impressive and certainly a service to all of God's people who will take advantage of it. We respect the fact that you have offered it freely without attempting to merchandise the brethren for it. Please send us a full set..." (Kentucky)

"I would be very pleased to get a copy of Mr. Armstrong's writings and the CD-Rom's. I know who all put this together put in many hours of love and dedication. You have put together and preserved truth that many tried to destroy and what you are doing will make sure a copy will be somewhere..." (Kentucky)

"I would very much like to receive the free CD's that you are offering by Herbert W. Armstrong. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. Thank you very much...." (Kentucky)

"Please send me a copy of the 5 CD's that are currently available about HWA.... I have heard they are well done and worth having." (Kentucky)

"Please send a copy of all your CD's available to the address below. Thank you so much for making these obtainable. This work you are doing seems as important as the invention of the printing press, which made the bible available to the masses." (Kentucky)


"Will you kindly send me your CD set. It is my understanding that they are available at no charge. Thank you so much for making it possible to have e again." (New York)

"I think you are doing a great service by making this information available." (New York)

"Thank you for your appreciation of the inspired works of HWA. Please send me the CDs." (New York)

North Carolina

"Really excited when a friend told me you had complied Mr. Armstrong's writings on CD and they were available free or with donations! Great! I'd like to order the magazines, booklets, whatever else you have available. Thank you for your concern that others might be "fed." (North Carolina)

"I can't believe you are offering the CD's for free. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful service." (North Carolina)

North Dakota

"I am requesting a copy of the HWA CD-roms. THANK-YOU for making this material available." (North Dakota)


"I think it is great that you are providing the truth in this way. It is a great idea! Thank you for making these! I am sure this will be a great help to my Bible Study." (Ohio)

"I am a long time member of the Church of God and was delighted to find your web site which offers an obviously outstanding collection of literature from the late Herbert W. Armstrong. I would be most appreciative if you would send me the entire collection of CD's. I am especially interested in the CD which contains the Bible Correspondence Course. I know that though you say there is no charge for the CD's that somebody had to pay for them. I have been a tithe payer for nearly 25 years and know that this free gift of yours comes from the tithes and offerings of fellow servants of God. Therefore I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude in advance for your obvious labor of love." (Ohio)

"Thanks for the wonderful ability to get Mr. Armstrong's inheritance on CD-ROM." (Ohio)


"We would like to have a copy of these CD's for Bible Study. Thank you for putting together such an outstanding resource for us!" (Oklahoma)

"I began listening to Herbert Armstrong when I was 13, now I'm 44. I would like to have the whole collection. I believe he was a latter day prophet and worth listening to. I used to receive the Plain Truth in my teen years and my mother recently told me that my father who is gone now would wait at the mailbox for them and read them front to back and I never even knew." (Oklahoma)

"I would like to order the five cds that you are sending out. These will be for a friend of mine who has been a long time member of Gods Church. Thank you very much for your love and service to Gods scattered people. I have sure enjoyed my set and they bring back many memories." (Oklahoma)

"Please send me the Herbert W Armstrong Literature CD. I had many of these items in the past but have lost them during various moves. Thanks for your labor of love in pulling all of this literature together." (Oklahoma)


"Somebody dropped of copies of a circular titled "Do you recognize this man?" at our Pentecost site. I have often wished I had hung onto back copies of Bible correspondence courses, Plain Truths, etc., little realizing how scarce they could become. Thank you so much for this Godsend." (Oregon)

"I would like to make a request for your wonderful Herbert W. Armstrong CD set. Thanks a million for making this possible." (Oregon)

South Carolina

"Please send me all the free CDs of anything you have. I'm in spiritual distress!! I want to obey God and him only. I need to resolve this now." (South Carolina)

"I think what you are providing is a fantastic blessing for God's people. I would like to request all the CDs you have on your website.... Again thank you for this service." (South Carolina)

"It is truly amazing that you have been able to compile all these works in such quality. I like the way the material is offered for free (like the old days) ...." (South Carolina)

"I am so pleased that this is available because now my children can learn from Mr Armstrong the same way that I did. Unfortunately I didn't save my old CC's, much to my shame. (South Carolina)


"Hello. What's the catch? How can this CD be free? Anyway, I would truly love to have a copy of the HWA literature CD." (Tennessee)

"I would really appreciate the free CD titled HWA Literature CD. It is precious truth that should be treasured." (Tennessee)

"I have been speading the word to others telling of the tremendous and important work you are doing in preserving God's truth as restored through Mr. Armstrong. By recent experience that truth is scarce, it is being mixed with lies and changed doctrine. So on behalf of the ones here that want to hold on to that truth, thank you. Again thank you." (Tennessee)


"I would very much like to order the CDs you offer. All of them. I feel it is of vital importance to preserve these things so they may be passed on." (Texas)

"Thank you very much for sending me the CD's. I'am glad (someone) is still remembers what a great man he was." (Texas)

"Please send me the Missing Dimension in Sex [on] CD -- it may not be too late for my daughter." (Texas)

"Please send all your CD's. Thank you so much for having this Gold Mine of information and offering it to people with no charge." (Texas)

"I would like to have your set of 5 CD's of Mr. Armstrongs writings, it would be a pleasure to go over some of the literature we used to get in the 60's. Thanks for all the hard work and service." (Texas)

"I'm writing to request copies of your CD's for me and a friend of mine. We are both Church of God members who are striving to keep the faith "once for all delivered to the saints". We believe not only that Mr. Herbert Armstrong was an apostle but was the end-time Elijah and restored the "18 Truths" to the church. We are excited about reading the early publications of the Plain Truth and Good News as well as other articles written by Mr. Armstrong. We would greatly appreciate the CDs and would like to thank you for providing this service." (Texas)


"Please send me all of the available CDs containing Mr. Armstrong's writings. I was a follower of Mr. Armstrong for 20 years before his death and still believe he was God's true apostle. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!" (Virginia)

Washington state

"What a delightful treasure to find! Please send the CD's...." (Washington state)

"Please, please, please send me all available HWA literature. As we draw closer to the end it is vitally important that we all get BACK ON TRACK, and you are providing an important service." (Washington state)

"Please send me a copy of each of your CDs. I heard about these CDs through a friend and am anxious to receive them." (Washington state)

"Since other friends of mine have heard about the HWA CDs they are excited about receiving them also. Again thank you for such a great service." (Washington state)

West Virginia

"[I] received my CD's in the mail and I LOVE them. Thank you so much. I showed them to some of the brethren here ... and they also would like to have them. Again, we all THANK you so much for keeping the works of GOD, that He gave to Mr. Armstrong in such a GREAT way. These CD's will last longer than any book or paper." (West Virginia)

"I would like to order the CD's you have to offer! I am amazed there is a library of literature, sermons, etc. that are available. Thank you very much!" (Wyoming)

"I was so excited to see that Mr. Armstrong's work is available on CD's. Please send me a copy of all CD's that are available." (West Virginia)


"I would like to order the CD's you have to offer! I am amazed there is a library of literature, sermons, etc. that are available. Thank you very much!" (Wyoming)



"How much we are indebted to this man "Herbert W. Armstrong", who was used by God to lead us to the truth over the years of his life. We would love to have all of the CD's which are available..." (Ontario, Canada)

"I came across your webpage .... and am delighted that Mr. Armstrong's instructions to us, and literature, has not been lost!" (Ontario, Canada)

"I would very much appreciate all five of your available CD's. I very much appreciate your efforts. As time goes along these works become more and more valuable, and timely. Hang in there. We will all be together again soon." (Ontario, Canada)

"I have ... for the last two years been diligently and methodically studying and going through all of Mr. Armstrong's literature a goodly portion of which was already in my position before the Church of God made it available through your WEB site. It has been a great joy to study and deepen my understanding and in some cases, understand for the same time some of the marvelous truth God gave to Mr. Armstrong as His end-time Elijah who restored all things to the one, true Church. Mr. Armstrong restored to the Church all the truth "delivered to the saints once and for all." These are priceless truth in which we have to grow by continually reviewing them as taught by the Elijah that we may no longer be tossed to and fro by every whim of doctrine as most of God's Church has been since the death of Mr. Armstrong. The only reason the brethren did not know what to do after Mr. Armstrong's death is that they were not firmly grounded in the truth God restored to His one true Church through Mr. Armstrong. Why do we now have all of the supposed Churches of God and why do people not know what to do. They never really understood all of the truth God taught the Church through Mr. Armstrong. Do people forget? Have people forgotten? Have they lost their way because they have forgotten? And if they have forgotten these truths; how did they forget them? The ministry's role is to continually teach and re-teach and teach again these truths because people just naturally tend to be forgetful hearers. That is why God has His people rehearse yearly the seven major steps in His great plan of salvation for mankind. It would be good to again hear these truths preached with energy and unshakable conviction to refresh and deepen these truths in the minds of the brethren; these wonderful truths that will encourage, strengthen, sustain and convert more deeply the minds of those whom God has called in this end time and who have remained faithful to their calling despite the wholesale abandonment of the truth since the death of Mr. Armstrong. Thank you for the continuing efforts of the church to make available all of Mr. Armstrong's literature." (Ontario, Canada)

"Please send all of the CD's in your CD list. The collection of these materials will be a valuable resource in studying and proving (once again) my Church of God beliefs... and the music files will bring back some fond memories." (Ontario, Canada)

"I have just finished reading Mr. Armstrong's book, "The United States and Britain in Prophecy". It sure was a real 'page turner', it has opened up my mind and given me a new understanding of the bible that I never thought I would have. I would be very interested in the CD's." (Ontario, Canada)


"What a surprise, a GOOD surprise, to see your HWA CDs offer on the Web! The first time I heard about Mr Armstrong was in 1962 when I was living in France, near the Swiss border and Geneva. From that time, I was a faithful hearer of LE MONDE Ŕ VENIR, the french WCG radio broadcast and a subscriber of LA PURE VÉRITÉ, the french edition of THE PLAIN TRUTH, until everything stopped as you know. We had several booklets in french but not as many you had in english. When I moved in 1986 here in Canada, I was connected with the WCG but the many changes that occured made me so hurted that I made the choice to stay home and study with the materials I have in my possession. My background is french but I can read and understand easily in english. It's why I would like to receive a complete set of CDs if it is possible for you to send it to me. Thank you!" (Quebec)


"I would be truly grateful if you could send me the CDs. It is sad to see what has happened to God's Church." (Jamaica)


"A friend has told me about the CDs available from you, they sound wonderful and I'd like to thank you for your work to make them available, when events mean they may have been lost to us all." (England)

"Please may I request a set of CDs for my friend who is not on the internet. I have a set and they are extremley useful. Thanks for all the hard work in putting then together. What an incredible record of a great man of God." (England)


"It is practically with incredulous belief that I stumbled across your site and the content it is offering. I realise only too well the value of such an archive of HWA's work and with this in mind I would be very grateful to be able to reference all of his works and of course those of the church at those times. I await your communication in amazed anticipation and thank all those involved in such an enormous task of transcribing these works. I thank you once more in anticipation." (Scotland)


"I am writing to request a copy of the HWA Literature CD you offered on the internet. Thank you very much for making this literature freely available." (Australia)

"Many thanks for the disks sent to us of HWA and other information. We appreciate the work that is involved. This information will be included in our library. We are finding that this knowledge today is being slowly phased out of most Churches of God. The Famine is quickly approaching." (NSW, Australia)


"I found your website .... and do appreciate your work at preserving Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong's work. I would be pleased to receive the CD's..... P.S. I just wonder how you can provide the materials free of charge." (Papua New Guniea)


"May I request a copy of your CD's.... Hoping that I will be able to know more about Herbert W. Armstrong with this CD collection." (Philippines)

"Let me thank you for the CDs you sent me. I appreciate very much the contents of the small package you sent me. As I listened to them I felt as if I am in those old bygone days. The church music, The Good News, and The Plain Truth magazines gave me back the messages I could have missed without those CDs. It is very kind of you to provide this service. Thanks to the brethren who finance this work. I pray for the Church of God to be united again in one mind." (Philippines)

Listing of the countries where the HWA CDs have been sent:

The Americas: United States (all 50 states), Canada, Mexico, Barbados, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Bermuda

Europe: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Malta, Poland, Switzerland

Africa/Middle East: South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius, as well as Jordan in the Middle East.

Asia/Pacific Rim: Australia, New Zealand, Papau New Guinea, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Fiji, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia