The Herbert W. Armstrong Library and Archives

This internet site is primarily dedicated to preserving all of the audio, video and literary works of Herbert W. Armstrong and his years of administration of the Church of God. No effort will be made to preserve just portions of what Mr. Armstrong taught -- if there are errors in any Church materials, these errors are a valuable part of the history of the Church of God. Errors can only be truly corrected when their origin is fully understood and documentation available for study.

All materials on this site are available free of charge, funds permitting. At present, the HWA-era literature is preserved on several CD-ROM disks. These CD's are available to anyone regardless of their current church affiliation. As this site grows, many of the materials on the CD's will also be available for downloading directly from this site. However, we will need to upgrade our internet equipment to handle the added capacities expected. Until that time, we offer these materials on CD-ROM. We plan future CD's and will announce their availability on this internet site as they are available.

If you have any comments, please email us.